In the beginning of Indonesia skating era, skating choreographers were non-exist; especially those with a dance background. Choreograph a skating program required knowledge and experience in skating, which means dance choreographer will find difficulties creating a good and well-balanced skating program.

When Chiquita first started competing and performing in late 90’s, her older sister also took a skating lesson with her coach, and often helped her with choreography because she was shy and could not dance well. To improve her performance on ice, Chiquita took dance classes like ballet, jazz, and hiphop. However, her consciousness of movement was not improving on the ice. Her performance was still lacking on artistry and musicality. Chiquita did not take this matter too seriously, not until her failure in Skate Asia 2002 that had her quit skating for a while. This particular moment had turned her perspective in both life and skating onto a different level. She knew in order to be a good skater, one must be a good performer. To support her theory into practice, she watched many skating and dance videos, observed the movements, and practiced in front of the mirror. Because of the repetition of watching the same videos, Chiquita remembered the choreography without missing the tiniest detail, and she was able to perform the exact same movement as in the video. It was the beginning of her journey in choreography. Eventually, she could express her own movement, her own voice, and her own expression throughout her choreographic art. The first program she choreographed was when she was twelve. Two years later, at the age of fourteen, she choreographed and taught more than 30 skaters for a huge ice show. She was the first skating choreographer in Indonesia, and was the first to introduce the term ‘arthleticism’ in figure skating. When Indonesia officially became a member of ISU and sent their first junior skaters to compete in 2013, Chiquita choreographed their programs and trained them, which made her the first choreographer from Indonesia on ISU database.

At the moment, she works and choreographs for Theater On Ice intermediate level group at World Ice Arena.


My early “modern” era back in 2015


"Quit" by Cashmere Cat ft. Ariana Grande | Dance freestyle by Chiquita Limer 


I-ce Shadow 




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