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AIT New York is a platform for the skating community to manifest and express their creativity through a thrilling contemporary style. We strive to not only inspire and entertain, but to captivate the minds of a broader audience.


We focus on capturing audiences featuring choreography and leadership by MFA (Dance) graduate Chiquita Limer. Her movement philosophy is inspired strongly by community, diversity, culture, and contemporary embodiment.


 “To be contemporary in today’s society we need to acknowledge the social power of movement –

with this purpose, fusing dance on ice creates a new venue with new audiences,” AIT NY Director Chiquita Limer.


Upcoming Project

·       April 28th – City Ice Pavilion (NYC) Spring Show

·       May 23rd – The Figure Skating U.S. Open (Palm Springs, CA)

We are planning to expand and share our art in places other than New York. We have created a fundraising campaign through GoFundMe, which can be accessed below.

American Ice Theatre NY goes to The U.S. Open

Donations will sponsor the growth of our company by helping our skaters and our art travel to the West Coast. All donations will be used towards ice time and travel expenses. We also welcome various partnerships or sponsorships.


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